The Best Car deserves the Best Driveway

The driveway is not something many homeowners give much thought to, except maybe when it comes to shovelling snow from it in winter. Yet it occupies a large part of any property and is the first thing visitors will see on entering your property. A good driveway is not just a place for parking cars, in fact, it has a lot more advantages than you might think.

First impressions

Your driveway will be the first thing any visitor will see on entering your property. If you really want to show off your car then a good driveway will only add more to it. The state of a driveway is a sign of what to expect inside the house. Your driveway should be just as neat and tidy as your car. First impressions are everything and a tired and broken outside will reflect a tired and broken inside

Functionality and parking

A great driveway has to be not only beautiful but also functional. It often has to fit between one and two cars, which will usually drive over it every day, so it has to be durable and resilient. It will be taking up a large part of your property so it is critical that it be both aesthetic and practical.

Easy maintenance

Professionally constructed driveways are made with high-quality materials that are far easier to maintain and highly durable in the long run. What material is best for a driveway is dependent on whatever the weather conditions of your area, a well-constructed driveway will look good for longer. Hiring a professional masonry company, like Centuria Masonry, to build your driveway will mean getting experienced people working on tricky slopes or any levelling that needs to be done.

A well-constructed driveway will be easy to maintain allowing you to focus on more important things.

You will feel great

Ultimately, a good looking driveway will make your property and car look the best. A remodelling project will give you the opportunity to create a unique design that will stand out from your neighbours and give your car the best driveway it deserves. Paving stone driveways allow a lot of verity in colour and design to fit whatever your creative vision is. Many masonry companies in Vancouver can provide free consultation on a new driveway and can provide advice planning and full installation to make the whole project as easy and cost efficient as possible.

Maintaining your driveway

A well-built driveway will require little maintenance but there are a few things that will ensure it lasts longer.

Sealcoating: Sealcoating your driveway will improve both its appearances and durability against the elements. A good sealcoating will protect your driveway from UV rays and fill in any cracks that could lead to expensive repairs.

Pressure washing: an occasional pressure wash will ensure your driveway is kept clean and well maintained. However, with paved stones, you need to use caution not to apply too much pressure as this can remove the sand between the blocks. A pressure wash is a good idea before applying a sealer as this will remove any dirt and allow for a better seal.

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