Preventing Mold in Your Car

When riding your car, you don’t want to be thinking about mould removal or mould inspection. You want to breeze through the highways and byways and get on with your life without a hitch. But here’s the thing—moulds do get into your car and the less you think about them, the more they will fester and reach a point where they are uncontrollable.

This is particularly true if your car is seldom used. It seems that moulds don’t like it when they are frequently disturbed like when you clean your car, spray air fresheners or when it’s just simply occupied. These things create disturbances that hinder the growth of moulds. But when the car isn’t occupied, moulds just love it. Have you experienced not driving your car for days and when you finally do, you notice that distinct mouldy smell? Make no mistake about it, it’s indeed mould.

How to Prevent Mold in Your Car

Left on their own, moulds will thrive on your car. This is particularly true if you live in a we or damp area. When there is moisture in your car, moulds will love it. When there is a stain in the car seat, moulds will feast on it. So how do you keep your car free from moulds?

  1. Make sure there are no leaks—When rain or moisture gets into your car, you have to fix the problem. Seal the area that is the source of leakage and immediately dry the part that is wet. Don’t wait for later because by then, the moulds have already established its colony.
  2. Check the trunk—Sometimes the trunk can store water and the condensation can reach the passenger area. The spare tire is the common culprit of storing water in the trunk. Check that and make sure it’s dry.
  3. Clean the upholstery—The food stain, the moisture and dirt all contribute to the infestation of moulds in the upholstery. Washing it regularly ensures that moulds don’t have a breeding ground.
  4. Keep your car dry—Install a moisture collector in your car. Just make sure you empty it regularly because its content can become acidic over time. You can also leave an incandescent bulb on inside the car. The heat will help the moisture to evaporate. Another solution would be to put rice inside a container that does not spill over. Rice absorbs moisture and it works wonders in preventing moulds in your car.

If you have a car that’s not running at the moment, you can follow these tips and prevent moulds from getting into it. All these tips require little to zero out of pocket expenses and will ensure that your car will pass the mould inspection test. If you don’t mind the moulds, not only will your car fail the test, it will get infested with moulds to the point where you don’t want to use it anymore. Or you might still want to use it but will spend more on mould removal.

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